Jennifer Aniston Quot Disbelief Over Angelina Jolie Comments

The Friends star - who Angelina labeled uncool to drop while Brad Pitt was still married and then speak with the press on this issue - says it is mystified by the response.. Jennifer Aniston said that the comments made about Angelina Jolie in an interview with Vogue were taken out of context.

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Jolie Pitts Celebrated Obama Victory In Chicago

We were Chicago In Grand Park. Pitt tells U. Talkshow host Larry King, I believe we have redefined overnight what the America is about. S. It was an incredible experience - we ended up walking home that night, as all the main avenues have been closed. S. I couldn t be any happier or more hope for America. . And the jubilation of the road was something extraordinary to see. Presidential elections that flew on his Chicago, Illinois base to watch the votes roll in. Though Pitt and Jolie - who spent most of this year (08) in Europe - has refused to join other celebrities to publicly endorse the Democratic candidate during the election campaign, have made sure that they were in hand to celebrate the 4 November (08), when the result was announced. The Hollywood couple participated in the Illinois senator victory demonstration in the city center, but did so maintained a low profile. BRAD PITT and his partner ANGELINA JOLIE were so eager to see BARACK OBAMA win the recent U.

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Wizards Out To Make Noise Keep Lakers Fans Quiet

Tonight, the Wizards will play a home game in front of thousands of fans wearing the team colors, in this case, the purple and gold in Los Angeles Laker. The sport Laker a Western Conference-best 15-2 record, have a game biggest names of Kobe Bryant and traditionally draw well wherever they go. 7 to Verizon Center with a 98-92 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Wednesday night. 13, are down one superstar (Gilbert Arenas) and fell to a trivial 2. But certainly can not be t help that Wizards are 3.

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Fey Quot Other Quot Best Quot Side

Geek-chic comedienne Tina Fey flashing a smirk sexy on the cover of Vanity Fair in January, its law and best side to face the camera. Shielded from view is his left cheek, that sport a thin wire scar curves from the bottom toward the top his lips - a scar many have speculated on what has become a major star of Saturday Night Live..

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